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The Big Leap

It was in the fall of 2013, where a team of jewelry designers from ORRO decided to embark on a small project, to create a timepiece, one that personifies the epoch of our time. This idea was further inspired by one of ORRO’s loyal customers from New York who frequented the brand’s Singapore jewelry showroom. She herself was also a designer and she suggested creating an independent line of high quality watches that reflects ORRO's philosophy in creating masterpieces.

Being in the field of jewel making where the rigours of high craftsmanship are expected, ORRO was blessed to have a strong fundamental in the art of "making". For years, the jewelry designers and craftsmen at ORRO have explored the uses and limitations of different materials. It was only a form of natural progression for all of us here at ORRO to embark on this journey.


The designer took a bold step and approached the management of ORRO and soon, they were both collaborating in creating that perfect timepiece. This conception led to a whole new line of watches that celebrates the essence of craftsmanship, sophistication and minimalism. An exclusive Timepiece with a Swiss Made Movement, Sapphire Crystal Lens and a hand crafted strap created from the finest leather. Despite the highest quality of materials used, often only seen in high-end expensive watches, the timepieces from ORRO are kept at prices that do not cost the world.

As the world modernizes, we see a world where in the realms of architecture, fashion and the Arts are moving away from the excess of ornaments and unnecessary superficiality. It is in this spirit that the ORRO timepiece concept was conceived. Every component of the watch was designed with such rigour.


From the many tanneries across Spain, Italy and Mexico, we handpicked the leathers of the highest quality. A Swiss Made movement was incorporated. A scratch-resistance Japanese sapphire crystal lens is used to protect the face of the timepiece. As such, each timepiece from ORRO is well protected – scratch resistant and ever durable.


These are the few efforts undertaken by our designers among many other steps that were carried out throughout two fruitful years. The overall design of the timepiece reflected the sojourns that the designers undertook across Europe, from Scandinavia, Central Europe and Mexico. They were certain that the journey they went had to be a part of the timepiece that they were creating.

It is hope by the designers that, many out there would see what ORRO timepiece represents and they are certain the minimalism embodied in these timepieces will be well received.

This is a new embarkation of sorts for ORRO as it moves beyond the frontiers of jewelry making. When you acquire our ORRO timepiece, remember the journeys and the efforts vested in its creation - one that is borne out of the desire to share that idea and have it on your wrist, not only to tell the time, but to share with the world and those around us that it is the simplest thing that lasts a lifetime. A true mark of genuine simplicity.